Travelling with medication

It is your responsibility to establish the medication rules for the destination, airline and any country you are travelling through.

You need to remember about prescribed and over-the-counter-medication.

A letter may be required for travelling with medication. This is not an NHS service. Your GP may be able to issue you with a letter; however there will be a charge for this.

If you are going abroad for more than 3 months, your GP will prescribe sufficient medication to allow you to obtain an alternative supply abroad.

GPs are not responsible for prescribing ‘just in case’ items for conditions which may arise when you are abroad.

Patient Information on self care

We encourage patients to self manage minor ailments or contact their pharmacist for advice.

Please click on the following link to access useful information on managing your illness.

Then click on ‘Resources’ and then option ‘Patient Portal’





If you are interested in using a coil as your method of contraception,  information is available on the two different types by clicking on the links below.

If you are interested in having the contraceptive implant  (NEXPLANON) fitted, information is available by clicking on the link below.

If you wish to have a either a coil or implant fitted, please make a telephone appointment with Dr Greer to discuss this further. The fitting will then occur during a follow up appointment. Coils are normally fitted at 12:40 daily  except Wednesdays. Implants can  be fitted during normal surgery times.

Sexual Health

We are now offering screening for patients who are worried about Sexually Transmitted Infections.  You do not need to have an examination to have these tests performed. Please make an appointment with either Dr Greer or Dr Greaves