Clinics & Services


Clinic Dates
Asthma, COPD, Diabetes & Hypertension Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday by appointment with the practice nurse.
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) .By appointment with the practice nurse
Cervical Smear Clinic Please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse
Influenza Vaccinations Seasonal.

Contraception Services & Minor Surgery
The practice offers a Minor Surgery service and Joint injection service. Please check with reception for further information.

The practice also offers a full range of Contraception Services including Coil fitting and Contraception Implants. Please phone to speak to Dr Greer for further information.

Non- NHS Services

Certain services provided by your doctor are not covered by the N.H.S and you may be asked to pay a fee e.g.  Private Medical Certificates, Insurance Claim forms etc.

Due to a large increase in workload due to the new GDPR rules the practice has unfortunately had to increase fees for all non-nhs work. The new fees are as follows –

  • Private sick line – £20.00
  • HGV/PSV/Other Medical – £80.00
  • Completion of Passport form – £20.00
  • Completion of driving form – £20.00
  • Holiday cancellation – £40.00
  • Sports medical – £80.00
  • Pre-Employment medical form – £80.00
  • Childminder forms – £20.00
  • Simple statement of fact – £20.00
  • Fitness to travel – £40.00
  • Private patient appointment – £50.00

Please allow 7-14 working days for completion of all forms/letters.

Sickness Certificates 
If you are absent from work due to illness for a period of up to six days, and your employer requires a certificate, you should complete a self certifying form. If you are ill for more than six days, you must see your doctor to obtain a medical certificate.

Test Results

The practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection.

We will only release test results to the person to whom they relate unless that person has given prior permission for the release of this data or they are not capable of understanding the results.

It is important that you contact the practice to obtain your test results. Please never assume that they are normal if you have not been informed by the practice